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On Impact: Don't be Rejected Get Your Original Research and Ideas Accepted and Cited by Publishi

The Internet Journal of Criminology is an excellent place to publish your peer reviewed articles. I will be writing a post on that topic soon.

In this blog post I write about other papers you can publish in our primary research papers section. What better way to lead than by example. And so, back in 2010, I published a paper on spinach, iron and a decimal point error story. That paper was born of a myth that I originally thought was a fact. Let me explain.

In 2010, at Manchester University, Professor Machi Tseloni and I gave a paper on fear of crime. In the presentation I gave an example of how bad data can lead to bad policy making. The example I used was the apocryphal tale of how a decimal point error led to scientific overestimation of the iron content of spinach, which led to Popeye's creator making spinach the source of his superhero's strength and the dreadful consequence that generations of children were made to eat the bitter slimy stuff.

The very next day, I set about writing what would eventually be a peer reviewed criminological article (Sutton and Tseloni 2011) on fear of crime. Whilst that article was in its first draft stage, I looked for the veracious source of the decimal error and spinach story in the literature. The fact it could not be found led to the publication of another totally different paper in the IJC. That paper is entitled 'Spinach, Iron and Popeye: Ironic lessons from biochemistry and history on the importance of healthy eat