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The IJC welcomes the submission of articles for consideration.

Please read the notes for contributors thoroughly before submitting a manuscript. In particular, please note that the IJC now operates an open peer review process; see points 13 and 14 below for more information:



1. Manuscripts should be sent by email to Mike Sutton (

2. Student dissertations should be sent to Mike Sutton (

3. Student dissertations should be accompanied by supervisor's contact details so the IJC can verify your work.


4. Please use Times New Roman font.

6. Manuscripts are accepted on the basis that they are solely submitted to the IJC and that they must not be published elsewhere without the permission of the IJC General Editor Dr Mike Sutton

7. Decisions on whether to include manuscripts will normally be made within 4 weeks of our receipt.

8. All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word Document, single line spaced with a left hand margin of 3 cm.

9. The author’s name, any contributor names, the title of the article, an abstract and the number of words should be provided on a separate document.

10. References should be alphabetically listed giving the names of journals and books in full.

11. Referencing should follow the Harvard method - see link to the right of this page.

12. Authors are requested to ensure their manuscript is free from error as the final copy which is submitted by the author(s) to IJC (NUP) will be published.

13. The IJC now operates an open peer review process. For further information on that process please read the relevant guide on this website.

14. Please note that authors must ONLY send manuscripts to Submissions once the open peer review process is complete and when the article is in a format that you are happy for the IJC to publish. 


15. Once you have your manuscript ready, please email it as Word file attachment (not pdf) to

16. The IJC (NUP and flashmousepublishing ltd) holds the copyright of all published articles.

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